Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Hackintosh on eMachines D725

after a long wait, finally my almost perfect Hackintosh. before that I successful installed hackintosh but wifi and vga not working properly. I use the Acer eMachines D725 with specification dual core prossessor 2 GHz, 2 GB memory, vga intel 4500 wifi MHD and Atheros 5007EG. Atheros 5007EG previously unable to work properly on Hackintosh Leopard 10.5.5. I eventually replace it with a Broadcom BCM4302. after struggling to dismantle the laptop and install the driver enabler bcm43xx finally changed its name to the airport and can direct detection of existing wireless networks around me.
there is still one more that has not been perfect, which is VGA. I still do not have vga driver, so I was not able to enjoy the features of QE / CI on Hackintosh. consequently I can not play games on my beloved Hackintosh.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Resolve problem of "searching" on motorola q cdma

for motorola q cdma owners, especially those using operator flexi must have encountered the case it says "searching" on the homescreen, but full signal and function normally. Consequently the battery becomes very wasteful. to fix we can flash moto q us. to the equipment required is,
1. RSD Lite software, can be downloaded here
2. firmware from motorola q, can be downloaded here
3. motorola q drivers and activesync
the steps to flash moto q as follows:
1. moto q connects to a computer
2. open RSD Lite program, wait till moto q readable by RSD Lite
3. open the firmware file moto q
4. after that press start, moto q automatically go into bootloader mode and flashing process starts
wait until the flashing process is complete and will restart auto-moto q, moto q after it has been updated and continue by entering parameters CDMA operators. to ensure smoothness in the process of flashing, make sure the moto q battery fully charged and try to use a laptop or PC equipped with a UPS to avoid the incidence of failure. if middle of flashing process is interrupted, do not panic. try to pull the battery and attach again, after that try to repeat the flashing process.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Review Ndrive on HTC Snap

This time I will give a review NDrive GPS software which is installed into the Windows Mobile Standard (smartphone). smartphone that I use is a Snap htc windows mobiles tandard that uses version 6.1 while for me to use gps software NDrive version 10.1.15.NDrive actually is intended for Windows Mobile Professional (touchscreen), but when I try to install on my smartphone was a success and ran smoothly. His install was fairly easy. simply copy the folder 2577 and folder NDrive to the root of memory. to map, justcopy the map file to a folder in the folder NDrive. at the time took a long time trying to lock the satellite position, unlike the Garmin Mobile XT is fast enough to lock the position of the satellite. to the view, more interesting than the Garmin Mobile XTbecause we can see buildings in 3D view.

it's just for Indonesia is not as complete a map of garmin mobile XT. for the search, I was upset because at the time of entering the letter "e" turns that appears the number "2 ". it is understandable because this software is actually intended for a touchscreen device. I tried to use software fake cursor. for those wishing to try can download here, while for Indonesia map can be downloaded here
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